Rehabilitative Care Centered Around Your Needs

Short-Term Rehab at Kirkhaven’s Anderson Transitional Care Center

At Kirkhaven, our goal is to help rehabilitation clients become as independent as possible ‒ as quickly as possible. Our person-centered approach to care starts with you!
We know you want to return home as soon as you can and get back to your life. Our multidisciplinary team starts by involving you and everyone on your care team to create an individualized care plan. We’re small enough to provide personalized care ‒ yet fully equipped to offer a variety of specialized services. From the physician and nurses to the therapists and nutritionists, our team works in unison with you and your family to achieve optimal rehabilitation results.

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Kirkhaven’s rehabilitation and transitional care programs help people reclaim their health, independence, and wellness in a supportive environment. We offer a variety of specialized services, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy, as well as restorative nursing and respite services.

Every program is personalized to meet the individual’s unique needs and goals and optimize their success, now and in the future. We focus on your care and your comfort. With around-the-clock staff to meet your care needs and address your medical concerns, we make sure you are as comfortable as possible as you recover.

Therapeutic Care and Education

Recovery from an injury, illness, or surgery is a balance of therapy, exercise, and medication, combined with healing, rest, and quiet relaxation. At Kirkhaven, rehab patients enjoy a private room, complimentary cable television, Wi-Fi, and telephone services. Rehabilitation also involves therapy six days a week with our professional physical and occupational therapists in our state-of-the-art Therapy Center. Speech therapists are also available if needed.

In concert with our person-centered approach, you decide when you see the therapist and have therapy according to your schedule. Most therapy sessions are one-on-one with some opportunities for group exercise and rehab when clients have similar goals. Sessions allow plenty of time for discussion and patient education. Learning about healthy living, fall prevention, a healthy diet, exercise routine, and stress relief are all important to your continued recovery and success at home. Our therapists get to know you, understand your needs, and work with you to meet your goals. That is a critical component of our person-centered care. Your success is our goal!

The Kirkhaven Difference ‒ An Integrated Model of Wellness

We know you want to feel better, recover, and get back home as soon as possible. In Kirkhaven’s Anderson Transitional Care Center, our therapists have access to cutting-edge modalities to decrease pain and shorten recovery time. We use an ultrasound to apply heat to deep tissue, and we offer Game Ready cryotherapy solutions to reduce inflammation and shorten recovery time (just like professional athletes use to get back on the field.)

For pain management, our physical therapists also offer electrical stimulation or e-stim. We have TENS units (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) that block pain signals to the brain, allowing for personal pain management in the comfort of your own room. And, Kirkhaven is one of just a few rehabilitation centers that offer on-site FEES (Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing), a non-invasive assessment tool to identify challenges with swallowing.

We want you to feel comfortable and fully competent in your own care before it’s time to go home. Our individualized discharge plans focus on real-life activities such as cooking, getting into and out of the tub, navigating stairs, and more. The team meets each week to assess your progress and keep your recovery and discharge goals on track. Our Social Workers work with you and your family to create a safe and appropriate discharge plan, making sure you have the necessary equipment, home services, or outpatient therapy that you need for a successful transition to home.

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Rehabilitation Amenities and Accommodations

While you are recovering at Kirkhaven, we want your stay to be pleasant and productive. We focus on your care and your comfort. Here is some of what you can expect during your stay at Kirkhaven’s Anderson Transitional Care Center:

What We Offer

Your Private Rehab Room Includes:

  • Fully furnished room with half bath ‒ Bed, dresser, nightstand, overbed table, closet, and chair.
  • Private and community visiting spaces throughout the campus.
  • Beautifully landscaped outdoor courtyard so you and your guests can enjoy nature and the outdoors.
  • Complimentary cable television.
  • Complimentary telephone services.

Other Services Include:

  • Dining ‒ Whether you choose to eat with new friends in our dining room or privately in your own room, Kirkhaven’s commitment to quality is evident in the delicious choices you have in selecting your meals. Our licensed dietician will work with you on a food plan so that your nourishment supports your recovery. Our chefs will prepare meals with fresh ingredients, keeping your preferences in mind. Our courteous staff ensures that each meal is a pleasant experience.
  • Daily therapy ‒ This is why you are at Kirkhaven, so you can recover, get stronger, and heal to eventually return home.
  • Game Room ‒ We have plenty of on-site materials so you can enjoy your own hobbies, such as reading, puzzles, crafts, and more. You can also engage with new friends in a game of cards or table bowing.
  • Activities and Entertainment ‒ There is something interesting to do every day at Kirkhaven. Whether it is an evening of musical entertainment, an exercise class, or creative activity in the afternoon, you will find a variety of activities to participate in.
  • Housekeeping and laundry services.
  • Library.
  • Chapel ‒ For private prayer, meditation, family visitation, and weekend religious services.
  • Access to telemedicine and telepsychiatry services.

Additional Services Available*:

  • On-site cafe for visitors.
  • Beauty and barber services.

*Not included with admission. Additional fees apply.

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